Basics Library Elements

General The Basics library elements contained in the Basics section of the libraries pad include many additional functions available in Soley Studio that are not part of the original GrGen in-built functions.  These elements allow for processing date and time values (DateTime), for mathematical calculations (Math), as well as for string manipulations […]

Library Elements Data_import and Data_import_Excel

This article familiarizes the user with the library elements “Data_import” and “Data_Excel_import” which are different procedures to run Import Steps (defined in the Data Center) in the coding environment. Both library elements can be found in the Libraries pad of Soley Studio in the category Data . Data_import When to use […]

Restricted Node Class and/or Attribute Names

Have you ever been trying to name a specific node class or attribute and it keeps giving you an error similar to: The type name ‘Type’ does not exist in the type ‘de.unika.ipd.grGen.Model_metamodel.System’ (English) Der Typname ‘Type’ ist im Typ ‘de.unika.ipd.grGen.Model_metamodel.System’ nicht vorhanden. (German) One reason is that certain names […]

In-place Metamodeling

Our new and improved Data Center now provides the ability for in-place metamodeling. Rather than having to define your metamodel before being able to import your data you can now define node classes and their attributes while creating an Import Step! Please follow the steps below to try it for […]

List of Possible Data Import Sources

The continuous collection and storage of data can come in a variety of forms. From Excel spreadsheets to databases like SQL, the database connectors for Soley Studio, Soley Desk, and Soley Server make it easy to import and consolidate data from diverse sources. Soley can help keep your company’s knowledge […]

Data Hosting via the Open Data Protocol OData

Basics on the OData (Open Data Protocol) Interface Soley software offers the possibility to connect your data stored in graphs with other programs supporting the Open Data Protocol (OData), such as Power BI or Tableau. Have a look at the OData website to get an overview of all compatible programs. This […]

Default Error Messages in Output Pad

Problem Whenever I create a new project and I check the output pad, I always see a few default error messages – what is this and is it an issue? Reason What does this mean? The created project targets a processor architecture that differs from the library’s (mscorlib) processor architecture […]