Syntax Cheat Sheet

Problem Description The syntax when writing a rule, sequence, function, procedure can be different from each other. Sometimes it is hard to remember these small (or big) differences. Solution Approach We created a Cheat Sheet that covers most general cases that can occur in small examples. If you have a suggestion for […]

Container Data Types and Computations

The four container types supported by GrGen (set, map, array and deque) share a lot of conceptual similarities and can be accessed in a similar way. The table below lists the types and their descriptions. The different types of containers How to operate with container types Containers support multiple methods to update […]

Sequence Flow – Basic Operations

This article lists the basic operations of graph rewrite sequences at a glance. The operations allow you to control the flow and order in which activities in your sequence are executed. Highlighted operations are most used operations and will help you to cover most problems. Let r, s, t be rules […]

Start with Empty Graph Workflow

If you have not worked with workflows yet, you can visit this article and get an overview of creating workflows. In this article, we will introduce you to the common structure of a “Start with empty graph” workflow in Soley Studio. When running a workflow, there are two fundamentally different starting […]

How to Update Metamodels of Existing Graphs?

Background When a graph file (.slg) is created, the current metamodel is saved as part of the graph. This allows you to open a graph without having the metamodel files. However, it also means that if you change the metamodel any previously created graph files are “outdated”, as they are […]