Data Library Elements

The Data section of the library pad contains all data library elements. These are functions for the code-based import of data from different data sources in Soley Studio. Data library elements for importing nodes by running Import Steps defined with the Data Center There are following library elements available in the section […]

What are Custom Datasets and How Do I Create Them?

Custom datasets are a possibility to group graph elements (nodes and edges) in order to create a common visualization for these elements independent of their actual class. Node and Edge Series When working with customized visualizations in Soley Studio, data series are used to define the appearance of elements based on their metamodel […]

Parallelization of LHS Pattern Search

Real-world problems are often much more complex then the examples we use in the Soley Studio tutorials. For example, a graph representing an industrial product and part spectrum can easily consist of 100000 nodes or more. In those graphs, searching for a left-hand side graph pattern to match can be time […]

Variables in Rules – Creating and Assigning

In the following article, we will explain how to use variables in rules. The article here explains how variables are created and assigned inside sequences. You’ll find a brief overview over the main syntax in our Cheat Sheet. Creating variables and direct assignment of values In rules you can define and […]

Library Element Data_importEdgesFromMatrix

This article provides information for the code based import of edges from an Excel or CSV matrix if the file contains edges of one class, the source node identifying attribute values in the header column, the target node identifying attribute values in the header row and an attribute value to be […]

Library element Data_importNodesfromTable

This article provides information for the code based import of nodes from an Excel or CSV file if the file contains attribute values but not the exact attribute names as defined in the metamodel. This allows for the automatic creation of nodes of one class with a user-defined mapping of property values. […]