Global Procedures

We use Global Procedures on a graph in order to make changes to it by using the graph’s nodes and edges. The procedures allow for retyping, merging, copying and other similar operations. List of Global Procedures Here you can find a list that contains all of the global procedures in […]

How to Retype Nodes and Edges

This article is meant to help with understanding the syntax behind retyping Nodes and/or Edges. Retyping elements can be of great help to enrich your data model or to allow for the modification and visualization of specific elements. The first part of the article provides an example on how to […]

How to Import Data from Microsoft Access?

One of the possible options of importing data to Soley Studio is from Microsoft Access Databases. There are, however, no built-in import functions for this type of database. Therefore, this article provides the steps to be taken in order to import from Microsoft Access *.accdb files. Furthermore, the accompanying code […]

Code Autocompletion in Soley Studio

This article provides information on how to use the Code Autocompletion feature in Soley Studio.  The main objective of the feature is to facilitate and fasten code writing in GrGen scripts. How to use Code Autocompletion? The Autocompletion feature is triggered by navigating with your cursor to the position where […]