General Information about the Soley Help Center

The Soley Help Center consists of two main elements, the Knowledge Base and the Community Forum.

Soley Help Center Start Page

In the Knowledge Base you will find answers to recurring questions concerning the usage of all Soley software tools. The articles are categorized by software tools and by topics. No registration is required to read the Knowledge Base. You can use the live search on the Soley Help Center homepage to find Knowledge Base articles.

In the Community Forums you can find all kind of Soley software related questions and answers by community members and Soley staff. To participate and ask or answer questions yourself you need to register/login (see below). You can use the search field on the right-hand side of all Soley Community Forums pages to find specific topics or replies.


Registration/Login is only required to post in the Community Forums. You DO NOT NEED to register or login to use the Knowledge Base or read in the forums.

To register for the Soley Community Forums please go to the Forum page and click on Register in the top menu. After registration, you will receive an e-mail with the instructions on how to set your password and log in!

Once you have registered you can use the entry Login in the top menu of the forum pages to log in.

After setting your password you can simply log in with your credentials. To edit your profile (e.g. change your password or add an Avatar) and to see a summary of your topics, replies, and comments please use the top menu entry Your profile.

Deletion of account:

To delete your account and/or any of your postings please contact us at support at soley dot io. We will reply to the registered e-mail address to confirm the deletion request.

Finally, this forum is intended for support questions. If you want to report a bug please use the bug reporting integrated with the software or send an e-mail to support at soley dot io. We are sure you know how to type this email address correctly. You can also send feature requests to this address.


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