How to Automatically Update Custom Apps in Soley Desk

When do you need this

This mainly applies to muli-user environments where one or more people assemble and update custom apps with Soley Studio and one or more people use these apps with Soley Desk. By default, when a custom app is updated the developer would need to provide it to all users. The users then would need to replace the old with the new version. To circumvent this troublesome process, users can enable the automatic updating of apps from a local repository in Soley Desk. This can be found in the App Management Options.

How to automatically update custom apps

When an app developer updates a custom app a new version needs to be assembled with the same name but a higher version number. The process of assembling an app and setting the name and version number is described in this article. The new app file (*.sla file) then needs to be placed in a shared folder that the users of this app have (at least) read access to.

The Soley Desk user needs to install the app initially. This article describes how to install a custom app. The installation can be made from the shared folder or in any other way. To allow for the automatic updating of a custom app the Desk user then needs to follow the steps below. This will enable Soley Desk to automatically check for newer versions of installed apps. When a newer version is found, the user receives a notification at the start of Soley Desk with an option to update the app.

  • Open Soley Desk
  • Select Edit in the top menu and open Options:

    Open Options in Soley Desk
    Open Options in Soley Desk
  • In the Options menu und the folder General you will find a tab App Management Options:

    Select local repository in App Management Options to enable automatic update of custom apps
    Select Local Repository in App Management Options
  • Activate the checkbox for Enable updating from local Repository
  • Specify the path to the local repository, e.g. a shared folder. Note: You need to have at least reading permissions for the specified folder and you can only define one folder.

Now, whenever a newer version (= higher version number) of an app already installed by the Soley Desk user is added to the local repository, Soley Desk will automatically prompt to update the app to the latest version.

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