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The Basics library elements contained in the Basics section of the libraries pad include many additional functions available in Soley Studio that are not part of the original GrGen in-built functions.  These elements allow for processing date and time values (DateTime), for mathematical calculations (Math), as well as for string manipulations (String).

Basics library elements for DateTime functions

There are following helper library elements available for dealing with date formated data:

Basics_DateTime_CompareThis function compares two DateTime values represented as doubles. It returns an int result based on the comparison.
Basics_DateTime_getNowThis function returns the current date and time as a double representing the day count and time of day fraction since 12:00 a.m. on 30 December 1899.
Basics_DateTime_toStringThis function returns a DateTime value as a string according to the format “MM-dd-yyyy HH:mm:ss”.

Basics library elements for Math functions

There are following library elements available for mathematical operations that extend the standard math functions:

Basics_Math_mapLinearReturns the coordinate of an initial value with reference to the minimum and maximum boundaries of its set on a linear scale defined by zero-point offset and upper limit.

Basics library elements for String functions

There are following library elements available for string manipulation that extend the standard string expressions:

Basics_String_formatConverts the value of objects to strings based on the formats specified and inserts them into another string.
Basics_String_isNullorEmptyReturns true if a string is null or empty or returns false otherwise.
Basics_String_toDateTimeConverts a string to a double according to a DateTime according to the format "MM-dd-yyyy HH:mm:ss".
Basics_String_toIntCasts an input string comprising only numerals to an integer value.
Basics_String_trimRemoves all whitespace characters from the beginning and end of the given string.

For further information on string function, see this article.

Further Information

If these functions do not fit your needs, you can have a look at the Global Function section of the Soley Help Center.

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