Build Edges Between Nodes By Using Rules


After successfully importing your data, you have to build edges between your data to set relations between your data. To accomplish this you can use rules and sequences. This sets the basis for following analyses. To understand the procedure of building edges, make sure to be aware of the way rules work.

Building edges based on a pattern using a rule

Initially, you have to define the data types you want to connect in the LHS of the rule. Afterwards, you have to think about a condition when an edge should be built. At last, you build the edge in the RHS of the rule. The relation is built by using an arrow of this style “-:Edgeclass->” that connects two different nodes. Have a look at the following code for an example.

rule connectDirectChilds{

     if{part.parent ==;}     //Compare property "parent" of part with property "id" of product

             product -:Contains-> part; //creates edge of type "Contains" between product and parts

sequence doItForAllMatches{


Further information

Please refer to the Soley tutorial for more detailed descriptions regarding this topic. Using negative or alternative statements might be helpful as well.

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