Code Autocompletion in Soley Studio

This article provides information on how to use the Code Autocompletion feature in Soley Studio.  The main objective of the feature is to facilitate and fasten code writing in GrGen scripts.

How to use Code Autocompletion?

The Autocompletion feature is triggered by navigating with your cursor to the position where you would like code to be filled in. After you have positioned the cursor correctly, hold Ctrl and press Space at the same time.  A pop-up window with the suggested entries will appear next to the cursor. You can choose from the suggestions using the arrow keys or your mouse. The code will automatically be filled in.

When to use Code Autocompletion?

The following images will give you an idea of situations in which Code Autocompletion proves to be very helpful.

One of the uses of the Code Autocompletion feature within Soley Studio. This item shows declared variables being suggested.

If you have declared variables in the script in which you are using Autocompletion, these variables will be provided within the pop-up window if there is a need for a variable.

One of the uses of the Code Autocompletion feature within Soley Studio. This item shows declared metamodel attributes being suggested.

If you are working on a project in which the metamodel has already been declared, the Autocompletion feature will offer the declared attributes where syntax calls for attribute names.

One of the possible uses of Code Autocompletion within Soley Studio. The image shows variable types being suggested to the user through the pop-up window.

When you are defining variables within a script, Code Autocompletion will always offer all of the basic data types used for defining them.

A possible application of the Code Autocompletion feature within Soley Studio. The image portrays metamodel data types being provided for automatic filling in.

Autocompletion also offers element types declared in the metamodel, for example when input/output element types are being defined.

In order to make full use of the Code Autocompletion feature, you should be aware of the GrGen language syntax. By doing so, you avoid selecting wrong choices provided by the Autocompletion feature. The feature is under constant development by the team of Soley Developers. New suggestion types are being added on a regular basis and we also try to make the suggestions smarter.

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