How to Create a Linking Label That Opens a Data View

Customizing a linking label with a data view can be a powerful method to enhance the interactivity of your graphs. Setting a Label Link to open a data view means that when a user clicks on the label text of an element another view will be opened. This can be used e.g. to create drill-down analysis by opening class- or even element-specific views.

To create a linking label data view:

  1. In a graph view, either select one (or more) node(s) and/or edge(s) or select one or more data series in the View Manager.
  2. Next, go to the Properties Pad and fill in the Label Text field to ensure your nodes/edges have labels.
  3. After that, fill in the Label Link field with the desired data view path. The general link format looks like this: soley://opendataview?path=data_file.slg&view=PieChart.slv
    • For example, if you would like to insert the data view PieChart from your current file, you would write: soley://opendataview?view=PieChart.slv 
      • It is assumed that if the path argument is omitted and the view is set, the view name specified is from the current file.
    • Furthermore, to open a data view from another file, you simply need to specify the path: soley://opendataview?path=another_slg_file.slg&view=PieChart.slv
      • If the path is set and the view is omitted then the Open View Dialog will be opened for the file listed in path. However, if path AND view are omitted then the Open View Dialog will be opened for the current file.
      • You should also ensure to encode the parameter values (in URL encoding (external link)) when specifying the path, e.g., ..\Graphs\graph&01.slg -> ..\Graphs\graph%2601.slg
      • If the file is not found by the path then a message will be shown to indicate so.

        Linking Labels
        Linking labels for a node or edge.
  4. Once the Label Link field is filled in, the labels will turn to links. Selecting a link will open the specified data view.
    • Cleaning the Label Link property will return the labels to only text.

Alternatively, you can also select the Ellipsis (…) in the Label Link to display a dialog box which will give you the option to open a graph view.

Linking Labels
Opening a data view from the Linking Labels dialog box

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