What are Custom Datasets and How Do I Create Them?

Custom datasets are a possibility to group graph elements (nodes and edges) in order to create a common visualization for these elements independent of their actual class.

Node and Edge Series

When working with customized visualizations in Soley Studio, data series are used to define the appearance of elements based on their metamodel class. In general, a series contains all instances of a specific class, as defined in the metamodel. All series are shown in the View Manager pad. Besides the series for each metamodel class, several series for All nodes and All edges are defined by default. By selecting one or more series, the appearance of all elements in that series can be changed using the Properties Pad.

Node and Edge Series in the View Manager

Custom Datasets

Custom datasets allow creating custom series independent of the classes. A custom dataset can contain nodes and/or edges either selected or defined by filtering criteria. For example, you can combine nodes of different classes in one series, if you want to style them as a group of equal instances. Or you could combine all nodes that match a certain filter. Custom datasets can be created by selecting specific elements of interest and then grouping them as a dataset. The selection can be done either directly in the graph (manual selection) or by using the Smart Selector to define an arbitrarily complex filter.
Here is an example: We open a graph created as part of the Soley Studio tutorial. Then we use the Smart Selector to filter the graph for all nodes of the class Node with a cost greater than 5. By using the superclass Node we will select nodes independent of the actual class these nodes belong to.

Selecting all nodes with a cost greater than 5.

By applying the filter 210 out of 700 nodes are selected. Now we want to group all these nodes in a custom dataset. To do so we click on the button Create Custom Dataset, which is available in both the Smart Selector and the View Manager. A popup window opens, asking you to give a name for the custom dataset. You can also create a filter in this dialog, just like in the Smart Selector.

Popup Window for the Creation of a Custom Dataset

After clicking OK in the dialog the newly created custom dataset becomes available in the View Manager (look at the very bottom). To create a custom visualization for the dataset a node or edge series has to be added by clicking on the Add… button next to the dataset. Mixed datasets that contain both nodes and edges can only be visualized either as nodes or as edges. The series can now be selected (as shown below) and used to set the view properties for the elements in the series. By changing the color property to red, all Part and Product nodes with a cost of more than 5 are clearly highlighted in our graph view.

Currently, custom datasets are only available in graph view. We are planning on extending the feature to other view types.

Applied Color Red on nodes of the custom dataset

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