In-place Metamodeling

Our new and improved Data Center now provides the ability for in-place metamodeling. Rather than having to define your metamodel before being able to import your data you can now define node classes and their attributes while creating an Import Step! Please follow the steps below to try it for yourself:

  1. Select the Datacenter icon from the toolbar in Soley Studio
  2. Choose the appropriate data connection for your file type. In this case, we will choose Excel then select our desired file.   
  3. Name your data source so you can identify it easily later and then click OK.
    1. Soley will prompt you to map the data to the metamodel. Click Continue.
  4. From the Import Step window, choose the worksheet that you would like to import from, and then select the drop-down menu from Node class to choose Define a new node class. In this case, we will create a node class for our Products. Finally, click on the confirm (green check mark) button to verify the node class name.
  5. Next, we need to map the attribute values to our node class Product. We can do this by clicking the drop-down for Map Attribute and then Define New Attribute. Type in the name of the attribute you would like to map and then the corresponding data type such as int, string, etc. Finally, click on the confirm button to verify your selection.
  6. Repeat this process with the rest of the attribute values you would like to map.
  7. Once you have assigned all of the appropriate attributes, select the specific columns and rows to import. You can also select the check box for Always read till the last row to include all of the rows from your selection.
  8. Go ahead and click the Ok button and you will be prompted to import the data into a new data graph.
  9. Follow the prompts and once completed, you should have your imported data in a visual graph!

You can find the metamodel definition in the file, in case you need to add any additional classes or attributes. Please note that it is not possible to define a class hierarchy when using the in-place metamodeling. However, you can edit the metmodel definition in the file to create a class hierarchy.

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