Introduction to the Libraries Pad and Library Elements

Library elements are ready-made code templates or pre-defined functions to be used when coding in Soley Studio. These elements can help you to code faster and provide additional functionalities. You can find all available library elements in the Libraries pad.

The Libraries Pad

The pad is in the bottom left corner by default. If you cannot find it simply add the pad via the top menu in Soley Studio (Tools –> Extra –> Libraries). The pad consists of two boxes. The upper one shows you all available elements grouped in sections. Once you select/mark a category or a specific library element in the upper box, the lower box gives you a detailed description, containing help on how to use the element as well as an example.

Libraries Pad

The library elements can be used via drag and drop or by double-clicking. After you have added a library element to your code, it might contain spaces to place parameters, with this syntax: PLACE_PARAMETERS. Replace them with your parameters. You can find a description of each parameter in the already mentioned description box.

Library Elements

Library elements (formerly Snippets) are ready-made code templates or predefined functions to be used when coding in Soley Studio. These elements can help you to code faster and provide additional functionality. You can find all available elements in the Libraries pad. The elements are grouped in categories:

  • Basics : Basics elements offer help for common tasks, for example dealing with DateTime values and Strings, or interpreting values where implicit type casting fails.
  • Graph: Elements of this category focus on graph patterns and their transformations. This includes typical recurring tasks, like deleting, merging elements and dealing with element properties.
  • IO: Elements of this category focus on input/output operations, which are available for project paths and for files. You can call, create, write on, and delete external files using these functions. You can also call and return project paths.
  • Data: Elements of this category focus on data import operations.

Have a look at this knowledge base category for all articles on library elements.

Libraries search tab

Are you searching for a certain element in the library? Just type in the libraries search tab to filter for library elements containing the search term.

Libraries Search Tab

Adding libraries to your Soley Studio project

It is worth noting that some library elements are already included in Soley Studio, whereas, some library elements need to be bought in order to be made use of. If you cannot find a specific library element or you purchased a new library from us you will need to add it to your project first. To do so go to the Solution Explorer pad, right-click on the Libraries folder and select “Add Library…” from the menu. The menu that pops up will show you all installed libraries that can be added to your project. To see the added library elements in the Libraries pad you need to refresh it by clicking on some other pad or the canvas, e.g. any open file in the center, and then open the Libraries pad again.

Do you have any ideas for cool and helpful library elements? Just leave a comment underneath!

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