Introduction to Soley Desk Apps


Soley Desk apps are programs that a user assembles in Soley Studio and that the same or other users utilize in Soley Desk. Every app contains a metamodel and can contain an arbitrary number of workflows, all created in Soley Studio. When running Soley Desk apps, the included metamodel defines which classes are available for manual modeling in the Modeling Elements pad. It is not possible to change or extend the metamodel in Soley Desk. A user can run all workflows included in the app in Soley Desk to automatically perform analytic tasks. Such tasks can be the import of data or the calculation and visualization of results. This is a great way to share analytic processes and expert knowledge among users, like co-workers. The exact functionality of a workflow is defined upfront in Soley Studio and cannot be changed in Soley Desk.

Apps offered by Soley

Soley offer several apps that are pre-installed in Soley Desk. All of these apps contain domain-specific metamodels, which allow for the manual modeling of data graphs. Some apps also contain workflows that carry out analysis steps upon execution. Soley apps are automatically updated with Soley Desk. Here is a list and short description of Soley apps that are currently available:

  • Product Portfolio Analysis: Explore an example of a BoM-based product portfolio analysis. Includes several analysis workflows.
  • Generic Modeling: For sketching generic ideas and concepts and creating mind maps.
  • Lego Excavator: Explore an example for a product, function and team structure. Includes several analysis workflows. (Download here)
  • Flowcharts: For modeling and planning processes, algorithms or workflows. (Download here)
  • TRIZ: For modeling TRIZ charts. (Download here)

Custom apps

With Soley Studio users can create custom apps. To create an app you need Soley Studio with a license that allows for the assembly of apps. Three basic steps are then required to create an app, as explained in detail in this article:

  1. Create an error-free Soley Studio project
  2. Prepare the project to be assembled as app
  3. Assemble the project as app

To use a (custom) app in Soley Desk three steps are required, as explained in detail in this article:

  1. Add the custom app to Soley Desk
  2. Start the app
  3. (optional) Keep the app updated

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