Mapping Tool – Map Properties to the Size and Color of Graph Elements

With the Color and Size mapping tool, the appearance of graph elements (instances) can be changed based on their property values. This tool can be used to highlight the elements and allow a quick visual interpretation of the data model. Two mapping options exist:

  • Size Mapping
  • Color Mapping

With a size mapping, the element size of a selectable range of graph elements is changed according to a selectable attribute value. With a color mapping, the same is done for the element color.


The image underneath shows an example of the appearance change of a graph using both size and color mapping.

Soley Mapped Graph

In this example, the part costs were mapped to size and the quantity to the color. This allows us to quickly find expensive parts that are used often (big and red) or cheap parts that are used rarely (small and green). As we only selected parts, product nodes stay unaltered.

How to use it

For creating such visualizations go to the Mapping tool, which by default is on the top right of the Soley Studio/Soley Desk UI. If you cannot find the pad go to the top menu Tools and select Mapping to bring it upfront.

Soley Mapping Tool

Size Mapping

On the top, you can set the Size Mapping parameters. First, select the property you want to map to the size. Afterward, select a filter for the elements you want to resize. In the drop-down, you can find default filters like your classes, etc. but also your filters, which you can create in the Smart Selector. In this case, we want to map the cost to our Part nodes’ size.

Minimum Size and Maximum Size can help you to create a better visual differentiation in your graph. Map adjusts the Size in your graph. Reset resets the graph. The Preserve Mapping option will keep the mapping. That means, if you change property values afterward, the graph will resize automatically without you having to map again.

Color Mapping

Color Mapping works similarly as Size Mapping. First, you select the property and a filter. After that, you can set a start color (for small values) and the end color. We are going to color Part nodes according to their quantity property. That means a medium value will be somewhat between green and red. 

Map adjusts the Color in your graph. Reset resets the graph. The Preserve Mapping option will keep the mapping. That means, if you change property values afterward, the graph will recolor automatically without you having to map again.

Reusing Size and Color Mappings

The easiest way to do a size and color mapping is to use the Mapping tool. However, as the mapping tool is considered an interactive feature, the settings can currently not be stored, and thus, they cannot be reused (automatically). If you need to recall the size and color mapping, e.g. as the result of a Workflow, then please proceed to this article.

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