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This article contains math functions in a table. Besides a column with the syntax of the function a short explanation is given in the second column. For the general structure of function syntax have a look at this article.

Table of math functions

Math::min(Number,Number):NumberGives back the smallest number of the input numbers
Math::max(Number,Number):NumberGives back the biggest number of the input numbers
Math::abs(Number):NumberGives back the absolute value of the input number
Math::ceil(double):doubleGives back the next bigger total number
Math::floor(double):doubleGives back the next smaller total number
Math::round(double):doubleGives back a rounded number of the input
Math::truncate(double):doubleGives back the number without decimal digits right of the decimal point
Math::pow([double,]double):doubleGives back the first double argument raised to the power of the second argument
Math::log(double[,double]):doubleGives back the second double argument logarithm of the first double argument
Math::sgn(double):doubleGives back the signum function of the input
Math::sin(double):doubleGives back the sine function of the input
Math::cos(double):doubleGives back the cosine function of the input
Math::tan(double):doubleGives back the tangent function of the input
Math::arcsin(double):doubleGives back the arcsin funtciton of the input
Math::arccos(double):doubleGives back the arccos function of the input
Math::arctan(double):doubleGives back the arctan function of the input
Math::pi():doubleGives back pi
Math::e():doubleGives back e
Math::byteMin():byteGives back the minimum byte
Math::byteMax():byteGives back the the maximum byte
Math::shortMin():shortGives back the minimum short value
Math::shortMax():shortGives back the maximum short value
Math::intMin():intGives back the minimum integer value
Math::intMax():intGives back the maximum integer value
Math::longMin():longGives backt the minimum long value
Math::longMax():longGives back the maximum long value
Math::floatMin():floatGives backt the minimum float value
Math::floatMax():floatGives back the maximum float value
Math::doubleMin():doubleGives backt the minimum double value
Math::doubleMax():doubleGives back the maximum double value

If you couldn’t find the right function for your needs, have a look at the other articles in this section.

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