How Do I Create and Customize a Pie Chart?

A good option to visualize relative proportions of elements is a Pie Chart. To adjust their visualization follow these steps:

  1. Open your graph file (.slg) by clicking on it. The Open View Dialog will open up automatically. Select the view type “Pie Chart” and the default view template “Pie Chart” in the Open View Dialog. The view settings for the pie chart include “Data Set”, the “Slice Value” and the “slice legend”. In our example, we want to visualize to which degree the company´s products contribute to the overall profit. Thus, we choose “Product” as Data set (so all nodes of the class product are considered) and the attribute “cost” as slice value. As Slice legend, we chose the “id” which uniquely identifies the products.
    Pie Chart View Settings
    View Settings for the Pie Chart View

    The resulting view is shown below. The products´ profits are on the slices while the legend contains the product id. The pie chart helps us to quickly gain an overview of the constitution of the company´s profit.

    Pie Chart
    Pie Chart
  2. Select the chosen node or edge series in the View Manager in order to modify all slices or pic single slices by clicking on them in the pie chart. The available customization options in the properties pad are listed in the table at the end of this article.
  3. Select the canvas to define the chart title and “Label display mode” in the properties pad.
  4. Adapt the properties in the properties pad as desired. Have a look at the table below for a description of each property.
  5. As soon as you are happy with your customized view, you can save the settings by extracting a view template. Thus, you can reuse it for any graph file. You find your saved view templates under “My View Templates in the Open View Dialog.

    Extract a View Template and Save It for Reuse. You find it under My View Templates in the Open View Dialog
    Extract a View Template and Save It for Reuse

Available properties:

Graph ElementsProperty NameDescription
Node, EdgeLabel TextDefines the label text
Node, EdgeTooltipDefines the text which is showed while hovering over the element with the mouse
Nodes, EdgesLabel ColorDefines the color of the label text
Nodes, Edges, LegendLegend TitleDefines the title of the chart legend
Nodes, EdgesOffset from CenterDefines the distance of the slice to the center
Nodes, EdgesRadius FactorDefines the size of the chart
Nodes, Edges, LegendShow LabelsDefines whether labels are shown or hidden
Nodes, EdgesSlice colorDefines the color of the slices
Nodes, EdgesValueDefines the attribute the slice size is related to
CanvasLabel Display ModeDefines where the label texts are positioned in the chart
CanvasTitleDefines the title of the chart

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