Pin Node Property – Fix the Position of Nodes in a Graph View

General Info on Pin Node

This article serves as an introduction to the use of the Pin Node property within Soley Studio. This property is only usable in Graph View. It can be found in the View Properties section of the Properties Pad.

How and when to use Pinned Nodes?

The typical situation which calls for the use of the Pin Node function is when we want a node to keep a fixed X and Y position of nodes even when we change the layout of the graph, for example by using a layout button (organic, hierarchical, circular). Such a case could be, for example, the need to isolate a certain node in your graph by manually moving it to a special position and observe all of the edges coming in and going out of the selected node.

The starting point is to observe your data in a Graph View. This is a prerequisite for using the Pin Node function. You can now select one or more nodes in the view or one or more node series in the View Manager that you want to have fixed in position. Then navigate to the View Property “Pin Node” in the Properties Pad. By ticking the box the selected node(s) become fixed in their X and Y position.

Pin Node is a function within Soley Studio used to fix a certain Node at a certain position within the Graph View.

The selected node will now have a pin icon on it. This Icon can be used for unpinning the node, simply by clicking on it.

The Pin Icon on the pinned Node can be used to unpin the Node. This is done within Graph View using the Soley Studio software.

Special Uses

You might want to pin more than one node and at the same time keep them at exact points within your graph, thus keeping the distance between them constant. This can be achieved by setting the X and Y coordinate values. These fields are also to be found within the Properties Pad. After you have set these values, just like in the usual case, tick the Pin Node box. This will guarantee that the selected nodes’ positions will stay unaffected by any changes you do to the graph layout.

When you export a view template of a graph view containing pinned nodes keep the following in mind: The Pin Node setting is only exported if set for one (or more) complete node series. It is not exported for specifically pinned nodes. As view templates only contain definitions for element series and not for specific elements this is logical. If you want to achieve said behavior consider creating a Custom Data Set from your selection.

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