List of Possible Data Import Sources

The continuous collection and storage of data can come in a variety of forms. From Excel spreadsheets to databases like SQL, the database connectors for Soley Studio, Soley Desk, and Soley Server make it easy to import and consolidate data from diverse sources. Soley can help keep your company’s knowledge accessible and ready to use at any time.

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A variety of data sources are compatible with Soley

Importing data from files

In order to create quick, but valuable analysis results, starting with spreadsheets and lists is usually the smartest choice. The reason for this is that these files are almost always available and easily accessible. To get started with importing data from Excel and CSV files, please follow our linked guide. You can import lists of nodes, edges, or import matrices. Further, not only single files but all files in a folder can be imported, given that the files have the same structure. Soley Software provides the following connections for file import:

  • Excel
  • Text/CSV
  • Soley graph
  • JSON

Importing data from databases

Soley Studio, Soley Desk and Soley Server can also be connected to a large variety of databases. This includes but is not limited to:

  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server Database, SQL Server Analysis Services Database)
  • MS Access Database
  • Oracle Database
  • IMB DB 2 Database
  • Teradata Database
  • SAP Database
  • SAP Business Warehouse Server

Connecting to a database speeds up the data import procedure. Therefore, it is a smart decision for all analyses that have to be run on a regular basis.

Importing data from PLM, ERP and CRM systems

In addition to files and databases, Soley Software offers data connections to a variety of PLM, ERP and CRM systems. The available data interfaces include:

  • PTC Windchill
  • Enovia Dassault
  • Teamcenter Siemens
  • Fusion Lifecycle Autodeck
  • Aras PLM
  • Propel
  • Microsoft Dynamics (NAV, GP, AX)
  • Odoo
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Salesforce Objects
  • Salesforce Reports
  • Zendesk

Importing data from online services and other sources

Finally, Soley Software offers connections to different online services and multiple other sources.

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Web
  • OData Feed
  • Hadoop File (HDFS)
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Hive
  • Blank Query

How to import

The Data Center

The Data Center feature allows for a simplified import of data from .csv, .xlsx and .slg file types or from various databases without writing a line of code. CSV, XLS, XLSX, SLG, and JSON are natively supported. If you want to import from databases, ERP systems, online services or alike please get in contact with us.

Based on the structure of the data table, you can interactively select the parts of the table which should be imported and map the columns (or rows) of the table to the corresponding attributes previously defined in the metamodel. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to use the Data Center.


Importing data using library functions

Data can also be imported by using preset library functions that you can then modify to suit your purpose. Data can be imported from Excel/CSV file or from a database (SQL, Oracle, etc.) as nodes or edges. Please read the appropriate article regarding importing data using library functions for your specific case.


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