Properties Pad and the Edit Property Dialog


All graph elements and the canvas of most view types have a set of properties that are either predefined by the system or defined in the metamodel. You can inspect and edit the properties of specific graph elements or complete series in the Properties pad.
By default, the Properties pad is on the left side of Soley Desk or Soley Studio. If the Properties pad does not appear, you can add it by going to the top menu, section Tools –> Properties pad.

The properties can be divided into three sections:

  • Data Properties: defined in the metamodel as part of the node or edge class definitions. As classes do not have to have data properties this section can be empty. The values can be edited if the properties have not been defined as read-only in the view template.
  • Element Properties: predefined properties that are set by the system and show the class name and, if the elements are nodes, the number of incident, incoming and outgoing edges. These properties are all read-only.
  • View Properties: predefined properties that are partially predefined by the system but can be edited by the user. These properties define the visual styling of the elements in the view.

How to use the Properties Pad

Select either one or more specific graph elements in any view type or one or more series in the View Manager to edit the properties in the Properties pad. In case multiple elements or series are selected the property changes will be made for all common properties. If a series is selected via the View Manager, only the view properties for this series can be edited. In the header of the pad the Filename of the graph file you are operating on and the Selection is displayed.

The Properties Pad for a single selected node instance showing Data properties, Element properties and some View properties
The Properties Pad for a single selected node

properties pad for single edge
The Properties pad for a single selected edge

Setting the View Properties

Setting the view properties allows for a visual styling of selected elements, whether it’s just one, several or a series. This is important to increase the visual interpretability of your views.

For many view properties, the system will use default settings if a default view template has been used when creating the view in the Open View dialog. You can change the settings for specifically selected elements or for complete (node or edge) series. All view property definitions made for series can be saved in a view template. The view template can then be reused to create views of the same style for other graphs built with the same metamodel.

Some properties are specific to the graph element type (node, edge) or the view type. Some important view properties are:

  • Fill Color/Outline Color: Color of a node or edge
  • Label Text: Text that is shown next to the element (incl. color, font size, etc.)
  • Label Link: Make the Label Text a clickable link that calls an action
  • Shape: Set the shape of nodes to Ellipse, Rectangle, Star, etc.
  • Dash: Set the line type of edges to Solid, Dash, Dot, etc.
  • Tooltip: Text that is shown when the mouse cursor is positioned over the element

You can scroll through the window to explore the available properties or use the search field on top of the pad to look up a specific property by name.

View Properties - properties pad for node series
View Properties – properties pad for node series

View Properties - properties pad for edge series
View Properties – properties pad for edge series

The Edit Property Dialog

Properties can either be directly altered or they can be edited in more detail in the Edit Property Dialog. To start the dialog click on the “” button next to a view property. Currently, the Edit Property Dialog is available for series selected in the View Manager but not for individually selected elements.

In the dialog, you can set the Display Name and define whether the property should be Read Only. This is only important if you plan to build a Soley Desk app out of your Soley Studio project. You can now set the view property value as a Constant value, in Reference to another data or view property or by using a Converter.

Edit property dialog setting the numeric view property Width in reference to the data property cost
Edit property dialog for view property Width with Reference setting selected

The edit property dialog is the same for nearly all view properties but depending on the property type the available converters can differ. Math converters are only available for numeric values, for example. The only view property that has a unique dialog is the Label Link property.

Further information

Have a look at the video tutorials of Soley Desk to see the use of the properties pad in action!

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