Smart Selector – Create Filters to Find Elements in your Data

Another option to visually analyze a graph is to filter out and inspect specific graph elements using the Smart Selector tool. Common tasks are following paths starting from a specific node, finding out which nodes are connected via which edges, counting nodes of a certain class or hiding parts of a graph. With the Smart Selector, we can filter instances based on their classes or properties. Multiple filters can be combined with logical AND or OR links.


Assuming we have a product portfolio data graph containing hundreds of products. Using the Smart Selector we can, for example, quickly identify all nodes that are of class Product AND cost less than or equal to €2,00 OR are of class Part AND their weight is below 12gr.

For doing so select one of the default filters in the drop-down menu. Afterwards, you can adjust the filter parameters as you see in the image below. You can switch between the logic gates OR and AND by clicking on them. Select a class or property as filter and set the parameter values you want to filter for.

Filters can also be saved (save-icons next to the drop-down). Saved Filter will appear in the drop-down afterwards.

After you selected your elements, these elements will show up in the box underneath. Now you can narrow down or extend this selection by using the options Invert Selection or Select Neighbors (Using all Edges / Only Incoming Edges / Using only Outgoing Edges).

Smart Selector Selection Soley

If you want to have the same elements selected within other graphs you can use Share Selection and the selection will be copied to all other open graphs.

Above, in the smart selector section, you can find a tool bar, where you could search for different elements of your graph. The results of your search appear under the selected elements.

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