Use Custom Apps in Soley Desk

Use custom apps

With Soley Studio you can create custom apps for modeling or carry out analysis tasks in Soley Desk. Read about the basics of Soley Desk apps here. To use custom apps in Soley Desk three steps are required:

  1. Add/Delete a custom app in Soley Desk
  2. Use an app in Soley Desk
  3. (optional) Update an app

Add/Delete a custom app in Soley Desk

Once an app has been created with Soley Studio (*.sla file) it can be added to and used in Soley Desk. To add an app open Soley Desk. This will bring you to the start page. On the left side of the page, you see the available apps as tiles grouped into preinstalled apps provided by Soley and Custom apps. On the top of the left side, there is a button Add. Click the button and select the custom app (*.sla file) you want to add. The app will then show up as a tile in the group Custom Apps on the left side of the start page. You do not need to keep the *.sla file. It will be copied to the working directory of your Soley Desk installation.

Soley Desk start page with the option to add an app
Soley Desk start page with the file selection dialog to add an app
Example of a custom app added to Soley Desk
Example of a custom app added to Soley Desk

If you want to delete an app just click on the little trashcan icon in the bottom right corner of every app tile on the Soley Desk start page. If you have deleted a preinstalled app by accident and want to add it again start the Add app dialog as explained above. Then navigate to your AppData folder (…\AppData\Roaming\Soley\Soley Desk\apps) and select the respective  *.sla file you want to add.

Use an App in Soley Desk

To run an app just start Soley Desk and double click on one of the app icons on the left side of the start page. The available apps are shown as tiles and are grouped into Soley Apps (preinstalled and provided by Soley) and Custom Apps. To read the description of an app click on the Learn more button (small triangle on each app tile). In the app, you can navigate and work as described in the features and tools section. You can use the Modeling Elements pad to manually model a graph. And you can use the Workflow Launcher pad to execute any workflows that the app might offer. Have a look at the video tutorials of Soley Desk to see!

Update an App

Apps can be updated by the developer. Apps provided by Soley will be updated with the regular Soley Desk updates. To update a custom app you can simply add the new version as described above. This will cause two parallel installations of the same app. Parallel installations only work if the new version has another version number than the old one. If this ain’t the case then you first need to delete the old version before adding the new, as described above.

In an enterprise environment where several Soley Desk users work with one or more apps provided by some Soley Studio users, an automatic updating of apps can be desired. This article describes how to achieve automatic updates for custom apps.

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