Available Graph View Properties for Nodes

This article provides all customizable properties for nodes in the Graph View.

  • X
    Set the x coordinates of the node.
    Possible Values: double

    <Property Name="X" Value="0" />
  • Y
    Set the y coordinates of the node.
    Possible Values: double

    <Property Name="Y" Value="0" />
  • Width
    Set the width of the node.
    Possible Values: double

    <Property Name="Width" Value="60" />
  • Height
    Set the height of the node
    Possible Values: double

    <Property Name="Height" Value="60" />
  • StyleName
    Set the basic style of the node.
    Possible Values: ShapeOrImageNodeStyle (others currently not supported)

    <Property Name="StyleName" Value="ShapeOrImageNodeStyle" />
  • Image
    Sets an image instead of a node shape. Most pixel based formats are accepted (png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, …).
    Possible Values: string

    <Property Name="Image">
  • ColorizeImage
    If true the image specified in the Image property will be recolored using the color specified in the FillColor property. If set to false color mapping has no effect on the images. If set to true images may be recolorized if a color is defined for the class.
    Possible Values: true, false

    <Property Name="ColorizeImage" Value="false" />
  • FillColor
    Sets the color of the node.
    Possible Values: colors, more information can be found here.

    <Property Name="FillColor" Value="" />
  • OutlineColor
    Sets the color of the element outline or border.
    Possible Values: colors, more information can be found here.

    <Property Name="OutlineColor" Value="" />
  • OutlineThickness
    Changes the thickness of the outline. A thickness of 0 disables the outline completely.
    Possible Values: double

    <Property Name="OutlineThickness" Value="2.0" />
  • Shape
    Set the shape of the node.
    Possible Values: Rectangle, RoundRectangle, RoundRectangle2, Ellipse, Triangle, Triangle2, ShearedRectangle, ShearedRectangle2, Trapez, Trapez2,Star, Star5, Star6, Star8, FatArrow, FatArrow2, Diamond, Octagon, Hexagon, Document, Database, Delay, ManualInput, ManualOperation, Display, StoredData, InternalStorage, Or, And, OfflineStorage, PredefinedProcess, Sort, ArrowUp, ArrowDown, ArrowsIn, PointerRight, PointerLeft, RectangleIndoor, RectangleOutdoor, HexagonIndoor, HexagonOutdoor
    Here you can see what they look like
  • <Property Name="Shape" Value="Ellipse" />
  • LabelText
    Set the label text that is shown in the graph on the element. Instead of a given text it is also possible to connect the LabelText property to a other property or attribute.
    Possible Values: string

    <Property Name="LabelText">
      <Value IsReference="true">id</Value>
  • LabelType
    Possible Values:
    – Interior
    (Label inside of node shape)
    – Exterior
    (Label outside of node shape)
    – Stretch
    (Inside and text is shown according to width of node)

    <Property Name="LabelType" Value="Exterior" />
  • LabelPosition
    Possible Values: Center, North,  West, South, East, NorthWest, NorthEast, SouthWest, SouthEast

    <Property Name="LabelPosition" Value="Center" />
  • LabelFontColor
    Sets the color of the label text. If this property is not set then the text is shown either in black or white depending on the LabelBackgroundColor, FillColor or OutlineColor of the graph element. This provides high contrast to ensure readability of the labels.
    Possible Values: colors, more information can be found here.

    <Property Name="LabelFontColor" Value="" />
  • LabelFontSize
    Sets the font size of the label text.
    Possible Values: double

    <Property Name="LabelFontSize" Value="" />
  • ToolTip
    Set the text that should be shown when the courser hovers over an element.
    Possible Values: string

    <Property Name="ToolTip">
    <Value IsReference="true">name</Value>

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