Which View Types Do Soley Studio and Soley Desk Provide?

Soley Studio as well as Soley Desk provide a large number of different View Types. You can visualize your data as Graph, Pie Chart, Cartesian Chart, Matrix, Geo Graph, Gantt Chart, KPI View, Table or combine several views in the form of a customized Dashboard. You can select a View Type in the Open View Dialog which will pop up automatically as soon as you open a graph file (.slg). The following table will give you an overview of …

  • all available View Types
  • the Default View Templates which you can select in the Open View Dialog to get a quick visualization of your data without writing a line of code for a View Template
  • the available Views // Chart kinds for each View Type or Default View Template
  • example Images for each View (using a Default View Template) in order to help you get an idea of which view is the best for your case

The Links in the table guide you to articles which give you an in-depth-description of the customizing options for each View by means of the View Manager and the Properties Pad.

View TypeDefault View TemplateView/Chart kindImage
Pie ChartPie ChartPie Chartpie-chart
Pie ChartDoughnut ChartDoughnut ChartDoughnut Chart
Cartesian ChartCategorical ChartBar ChartCategorical Bar Chart
Cartesian ChartCategorical ChartArea ChartCategorical Area Chart
Cartesian ChartCategorical ChartBubble ChartCartesian Bubble Chart
Cartesian ChartCategorical ChartLine ChartCategorical Line Chart
Cartesian ChartCategorical ChartPoint Chartcategorical-point-chart-products
Cartesian ChartCategorical ChartSpline Chartcategorical-spline-chart
Cartesian ChartCategorical ChartSpline Area Chartcategorical-spline-area-chart
Cartesian ChartCategorical ChartStep Area Chartcategorical-step-area-chart
Cartesian ChartCategorical ChartStep Line Chartcategorical-step-spline-chart
Cartesian ChartXY ChartScatter Area Chartxy-chart-scatter-area
Cartesian ChartXY ChartScatter Bubble Chartxy-chart-scatter-bubble
Cartesian ChartXY ChartScatter Line Chartxy-chart-scatter-line
Cartesian ChartXY ChartScatter Point Chartxy-chart-scatter-point
Cartesian ChartXY ChartScatter Spline Chartxy-chart-scatter-spline
Cartesian ChartXY ChartScatter Spline Area Chartxy-chart-scatter-spline-area
KPI ViewKPI Number ViewKPI Viewkpi-view-example
Geo GraphGeo GraphGeo Graphgeograph
Gantt ChartGanttChartGantt Chartgantt-chart
DashboardDashboardDashboard Viewdashboard


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