Welcome Page

Soley Studio offers a Welcome Page to help users getting started with an App or a Solution. The default Welcome Page describes first steps for setting up a project.
You can also customize this information to provide specific instructions regarding your Soley Project to future users.

Welcome Page

This file can be found in the Solution Explorer. To customize it, open it and click on the “Source” Tab on the bottom left-side of the window. In this view, you can change the layout and the text. The text is formatted in markdown and offers the following customization possibilities.

Text options

  • Items lists
+ Item 1
+ Item 2 
- Item 3 //For more space between lines 
* Item 4 //For more space between lines
  • Italic and Bold
 *italics*          //Puts the text between two asterix in italics
 **bold**           //Puts the text between four asterix in bold
  • Headings
 ##Text        //Enlarges text behind two "#"
 ###Text       //Makes text behind three "#" smaller
 <span style="color: #15a1db;">Curious Blue</span>  //Puts the text between the ">" and "<" in the defined color

The colors are defined by Hex (hexadecimal) color value. You can find the list of all possible color names and codes here: Hex Colors

Image options

  • Implementation by URL:
  ![alt text](https://www.soley.io/en/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/SoleyStudio_32x164.png)
  • Implementation by DataURL. Click here to create a DataUrl
 ![DataUrl](data:image/png;base64, ... =)

Action options

  • Implement link:
 [links](https://www.soley.io)                //Adds a link by writing its URL in brackets
  • Implement file actions
 [New File](soley://newfile)                                 //Creates a new file at location indicated in brackets
 [Open File](soley://openfile?path=MainMetamodel.gm)         //Opens file from path indicated in brackets
 [Transformation](soley://buildandrun/runtransformation?sequence=newViewManagerGraph)               //Execute sequence by name (here: newViewManagerGraph)
 [Transformation using sequence file](soley://buildandrun/runtransformation?file=SequenceSet.sls)   //Execute sequence by file name (here:SequenceSet.sls)
 [Workflow](soley://workflowengine/runworkflow?path=Workflows/HelloWorkflow.slwf)                   //Execute workflow by file name (here:HelloWorkflow.slwf)

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