Workflow Launcher pad


The Workflow Launcher pad is a user interface element in Soley Desk and Soley Studio. Workflows are a way to carry out modeling and analyses steps at the push of a single button. They can be easily executed both in Soley Desk and Soley Studio. However, workflows can only be created in Soley Studio.

By default the Workflow Launcher pad can be found on right side of the user interface. If the pad is not shown go to the top menu and in the section Tools click on Workflow Launcher to add the pad to the UI.

The Workflow Launcher pad available in Soley Desk and Soley Studio
The Workflow Launcher pad

How to execute a workflow

The execute a workflow go to the Workflow Launcher pad. In the top part of the pad you will see a list of available workflows, depending on your Soley Studio project or Soley Desk app. By clicking on a workflow you select it. This will show a description of the workflow in the bottom part of the pad. In the middle there might be a section called Arguments, if the selected workflow allows for or requires user input. To run a workflow simply double-click on the workflow name in the list or select the workflow and click on the button Run at the very bottom of the pad. The workflow will carry out a graph transformation, as defined in Soley Studio. These transformations can be anything from importing data to running complete analyses and visualizing the result in a predefined view. Please see this article to learn how to create workflows.

Further information

Have a look at the video tutorials of Soley Desk!

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