Learn how to use Soley Studio

Below you can find documents and videos that will help you to learn Soley Studio in no time.


Tutorial part 1

In this hands-on tutorial, you will learn the basics of Soley Studio – metamodels, graph-based data modeling, importing of data to create instances and rule-based graph transformation.

Click here to download the Soley Studio tutorial part1 as pdf file.

Click here to download the Excel demo data file. (no installation of Excel required)

Tutorial part 2 (under revision)

In this hands-on tutorial, you will improve your knowledge of Soley Studio – building upon part 1 of the tutorial, learn more details about rule-based graph transformation, the visualization of results in graphs, charts and alike, and the creation of one-click workflows to run your analyses.

Click here to download the Soley Studio tutorial part 2 pdf file.

Make sure you also have the Excel demo data file provided above. Part 2 is still under revision, so there might be minor errors in the text. If you find any feel free to contact us to report them.

Cheat sheet

Having this document at hand when you code in Soley Studio really helps (even our veteran devs like to use it ^_^)

Click here to download the Soley Studio cheat sheet as a pdf file.

Code styling guideline

As soon as your projects grow or you start sharing your projects with other people or with our Support team, a consistent code styling is of great help. From all those chats and forums you know how hard it is to read a badly written text. It’s just the same for code. So do yourself a favor, read these two pages once and try to stick to it.

Click here to download the Soley Studio code styling guideline as a pdf file.


Sometimes it is just much more convenient to watch a video. But keep in mind, these are only a basic introduction and do not replace the tutorials and the hands-on experience. We will be working on a video course for Soley Studio soon.

Click here to go to the Soley Youtube channel.

If you have further questions about the use of Soley Studio, the tutorials or alike, please see the Soley Studio Knowledge Base, ask your questions in the community forums or send us a support ticket (find link in knowledge base widget).